What to Buy: Teething Edition

Claire has been teething for a few weeks and in those weeks, I've learned exactly what she loves on her sore gums. These products have become clear front runners in her teething toys, along with some other essential items.

I was slightly hesitant to go these to Claire when they first arrived. Honestly, they smelled exactly like  formaldehyde. But after they were sanitized, they were good to go with no funky smells!
I'm fairly certain that these are her favorite teethers. They're so easy to hold and have a few different textures to keep her gums smiling :)
3. Pacifier Clip
Of course most brands will work, but these are a necessity if your little one's constantly chewing on a toy! Not only does it keep your little one's toy within reach, it keeps it from constantly falling on the floor and needing to be cleaned a hundred times each day! 
This has been a huge help in keeping Claire's toys clean. I'm not a germaphobe by any means but her teethers need to be sanitized sometimes and this is so easy to use. No more having to worry about boiling her toys and trying to remember to turn off the burner/take out the toys. It will be used for thawing her baby food when she starts eating solids :)
5. Lots of BIBS!
No need to discuss the importance of these!
Everyone knows about Sophie! All I can say is that it's worth the money! We love ours.
Another Vulli product, and another great product. I cannot say enough about this company's products. This particular one make a lot of noise. Matt hates it but Claire loves it's silly shriek. It makes her smile when she's having a meltdown.
An important thing I forgot to include above are teething tablets. These bad boys work almost instantly.  I suggest getting some before your little one starts teething too bad because they will be your saving grace! They're called Hylands Homeopathic Baby Teething Tablets

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