baby feet & head bands for a cause

As you know, I've made the choice to stop posting photos of the lil miss but I'm all about sharing pictures of her features, like her feet for example! If you still want to see her pictures, find me on Instagram. I can control who sees them a lot better than I can on here. We did a photo shoot today {of course} and here's one just for all of you!

Aside from sharing pictures of Claire's adorable tootsies, I also want to introduce you to a super awesome lady who's trying to make a difference in the world. Her name is Eliana and she's currently {for a limited time} making and selling headbands for a great cause. I don't know how she finds the time to do this--- she's also a momma to a lil miss {who's 7 days older than Claire} but here's what she's got brewing :)

Hi! I'm Eliana. A new momma to 5 month old Daphne, graduate student, fashion designer, mompreneur and here to ask you to participate in paying it forward on a little fundraiser i'm doing for the Little Flower Projects Organization.

Little Flower Projects was started by Brent and Serena Johnson in 1995 when they became aware of the great need for specialized care programs for the abandoned children living in China. The organization focuses on providing specialized care to abandoned infants and nurturing the growth and education of older disabled orphans.

I have been following them for sometime through Facebook and their blog where I get to witness first hand the absolute christlike love and nurturing care they provide these abandoned little ones. It breaks my heart knowing these little ones were abandoned just because they had health problems or because they were girls. To say this organization has touched my heart is an understatement.

I received an email from Serena (president) to see what they need help with. She wrote back and said they needed two things: infant size nasal cannulas (tubes that deliver oxygen to the baby. $50 a case) and premie clothing (there youngest residents are 2 to 3 pounds).

What does this mean? I think its time for a pop up sale!!!

For a limited time, I'm going to be selling some of my headband designs on this account, and all profit proceeds will go to buying premie clothing and infant size nasal cannulas for this organization.

I'm offering three different style headbands in an array of sizes, from my upcoming shop, that you can choose from. They will each be $10 shipped.

I will be documenting this little journey, from beginning to end, through instagram so you can feel apart of this experience along with me!

I'm so excited to pay it forward, especially when we have been blessed with SO MUCH and these little ones have so little.

This fundraiser ends March 6th.

Isn't Eliana amazing? I don't know her personally, but I think I love her, especially her giant heart!

Okay, friends, take a closer look at her goods {the headbands}:

Silver Lining

Pearl Daisy

Raspberry Cream

Are these gorgeous or what?

Now, my friends, you may be wondering how you can get your hands on these pretty lil numbers.

Here's how:
*If you have Instagram, follow headbandsforlfp, on one of the photos, give the following information:
Which one(s) you want, how many, and which size you want for each band. You also need to leave your email address associated with your paypal account.
*If you don't have Instagram, give me the above information in a comment below and I will forward your information to Elaina.

They come in a wide range of sizes:
newborn - 12"
newborn ~ 2 months - 13"
2 months ~ 6 months - 14"
6 months ~ 12 months - 15"
1 ~ 3 years - 16"
3 ~ teen - 17"
adult - 19"

I think it goes without saying that these beautiful headbands would be the absolute perfect accessory for any girl's Easter outfit! I ordered one of each for the lil miss, now go get some for your lil one, or for another special girl in your life.

It will be super happy shopping, knowing that you're 1. getting a stunning headband while 2. helping children who are less fortunate.

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