How to join our link up party!

 i just assume that everyone knows how to do things sometimes {definitely not the teacher side of me ;)} so now i want to cover all my bases for the people who may not understand how to join the link up party!

1. Copy and paste questions onto a new post. please share with your readers my tell us thursday link so they can join too! {example: Jocelyn at New Baby Keigan's previous link up post}
2. Answer the question... and have fun and be creative and as descriptive as you want!
3. Publish post with title "tell us thursday"
4. Copy your post url.
5. Bring it back to my blog and click on the "add your link" button at the bottom of my post.
6. Add your info!
7. Visit other mommas and make sure to leave some feedback!
8. Come back next week!!!


  1. Thanks for this! Im going to link up next week!

    1. No problem girl! Can't wait for you to join!! See you then :)


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