Tell Us Thursday!

hooray for our second tell us thursday!! thanks so much to the fine felines who linked up last week! you ladies are fabulous!
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we need to address one order of business before we get started... make sure to check back later on and visit the other linker-uppers! show some support to the other ladies who take part in this momma-to-momma social/blogger affair! okay, thanks mommas.

okay... tell us...

1. what was the name you chose for the opposite sex? {in lamens terms- if you had a girl, what was the name you chose if she would have been a boy?}

2. where is your favorite dinner spot & dish? {could be a restaurant, home, park- wherever!}

3. when do you typically take shower {or bathe} & favorite product to use while gettin' "silky smooth"{ever see the movie don't mess with the zohan?}

my responses:

1. we had a really hard time trying to come to an agreement with a boys name. we initially both liked cooper but matt soon decided he wasn't as fond of it as he was at first. we decided to quite talking about it until we found out the sex of the baby.
2. i love eating at home because i thoroughly enjoy cooking but i am a MAJOR sucker for the olive garden. i absolutely LOVE their chicken parmigiana, and i never order anything else. add the fact that you get all the divine breadsticks and delicious salad you can stand to eat and you've got yourself one happy camper... me! oooh and i love their raspberry lemonade too!

3. i always shower at night. very rarely do i shower in the morning. it really makes me more sleepy that it anything so i typically save them for right before sleepy time. my husband think i'm foul because i only shower once a day. am i? be honest! i think i'm normal and that he's the minority for showering {at the very minimum} three times a day. perhaps i'm wrong? my favorite shower product is my shampoo. i use paul mitchells tea tree with lavender. i work at an elementary school so the tea tree oil is a must as it staves off lice. enough said? i also like the way it smells and how it makes my hair feel... duh! ;)

ANNND!! if you ever have any tell us question ideas, email me your suggestions, i would love to have you input mommas!


  1. Can I join your link up party? Sounds fun! Great questions, too! I'll link it up tomorrow!

    It's funny because I don't usually go to Olive Garden but every now and then I get a hankering for their chicken parm. Good stuff!

    I'm also a night showerer. It cuts some time off of my morning while I rush to work. I'm with you on the once a day shower. 3 is a lot!

    1. great joanna! so glad you're joining us :)
      GOOD stuff is an understatement if you ask me ;)
      good to know i'm not considered a skuzzbag to all my fellow blogger mommas! lol

  2. I linked up but it's not showing up in your post :(

    1. It is now! Though its only your name and no picture... I'll figure it out for next week! Thanks for linking up doll face!

    2. Ohh now I see it!! :) it wasn't showing up earlier!!!

  3. okay, Oliver Garden is awesome!!! soup, salad, and breadsticks for under $8!!! that's awesome! I think one shower per day is plenty!! :)


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