lil miss update

hello chickies! how's your week rolling? as you probably know, i'm sick with the flu and i'm incredibly sad to say that lil miss just started running a fever. my heart is broken. all i can do is pray the antibiotics kick in quick and that she doesn't get it full-fledged version that i have.

good news is that she gained 9 ounces and grew 3/4 of an inch in a week! looks like our week long all-night nursing sessions were for a good cause ;) she's up to 13.10 pounds and 26.5 inches. lil miss is slightly long and lean.

she's been eating 2 meals a day but as of today, we're doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. bananas or apples for breakfast, carrots or sweet potato for lunch, and avacado or carrots for dinner. she didn't really care for pears.

teething has kicked into gear. at her check-up the doctor confirmed that there was a tooth just below the surface. we are in for some fun times, to say the least. one of her new favorite things to relieve teething pain has been frozen bananas. i puree bananas and then freeze them. next i break them into chunks- just small enough to fit into the mesh bag feeder. She freakin' loves it! 

claire sits up all by herself for extended periods of time. she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. she isn't crawling, per se, but she rolls and then turns her body like the hands on a clock- she's definitely movin' and grovin' and keeps her momma and dada busy!

i think it goes without saying, that the last 6 months have been amazingly wonderful and rewarding. she could seriously melt ice cream with her smile.

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