My Claire Bear

i do not have any idea when this little girl started looking so grown up, but goodness gracious, this girl is beautiful! i've been dying to photograph here is this precious dress i bought for here a few months ago. i am so happy with how these photos came out. i also can't believe my baby girl is already nineteen months old and will be two years in a matter of months.

she was chasing after a bird. the only way i could get her to stop running was to ask her to show me where the bird was and snap snap snap away!

i gave her a rock to hold because she 1. loves rocks and 2.would stay still for maybe two seconds in order for me to meter her and shoot a semi-decent photograph. This one is one of my favorites. Ever!

i am not entirely sure why she was looking at her feet but gosh, i love this photograph. it is so innocent and sweet and completely unstaged.

another sweet photo of her observing her environment. the next-door neighbor's dog was barking and i used that opportunity to my advantage. i kept asking her questions about where the dog was and what noise dog makes... and so on. she was engaged enough to stay in one spot long enough for me to capture this gem.

i hope to be able to get some nice photographs of teddy and claire together sometime in the very near future.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I love that last one, what a little lady! So talented girl!


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