Postpartum: the second time around

Before having Claire, one of the most freighting thing about having a baby was the aftermath. I was freaked out after hearing horror stories from women and couldnt help be feel super anxious about what was to come.

After having Claire, I felt thankful for such an easy recovery. I had a second degree tear from her delivery and ended up with a few stitches. Of course it was uncomfortable, but it wasn't nearly as horrible as I had imagined. I think the worst part of recovery was the exhaustion.

You can read her birth story here.

If it wasn't exhausting enough going through such a long induction without any pain medicine, I ended up delivering at 12:32 am. Of course both sides of our families were still at the hospital, waiting for that little princess to make her grand appearance. So, after the nurses got my room cleaned up decent, everyone came in to see her. By that time, it was at least 1 am. After they left, I got to shower and finally got transferred to our recovery room... around 4 am.

Family shower up bright and early the next day to see our precious girl. Not that I blame them, but holy crap I was tired and couldn't rest with people coming in and out all day. I also remember my arms being so weak and sore from pushing, that I could just barely lift Claire out of her bassinet at the hospital.

When we were released from the hospital, I was still exhausted and weak weak weak!

Luckily, my mom had been holding down the fort at our house and "babysitting" our dog. We came home and she stayed a while to help us since Matt was still having a lot of trouble with his broken arm. (you can read about that nightmare here)

Each day, my arms got a little stronger. I very slowly regained my energy.

Claire took to breastfeeding really well, but I still was very sore for a few weeks. I realize I had an easy journey compared to some, but hot dang those first few weeks were rough!

This time around, everything was infinitely easier.

I am positive the fast and easy labor was a big factor in my recovery. Three pushes and BOOM! There was my boy.

I did tear again, but only the scar tissue from Claire's delivery so that was pretty easy to deal with. I wasn't nearly as tired (even though I didn't sleep the night before he was born) because he was born late morning. Nursing has been super easy this time around. I think I was only sore for 3 or 4 days. Waahoo!

I was lucky to only gain 12 pounds, all of which I lost within 3 days after delivery. Since then, I've been able to lose an additional 15 pounds. I'm at 5.5 weeks postpartum and I feel great (aside from being worn out from multiple nighttime feeding and a teething, miserable toddler)! I really need to work on getting rid of the jelly belly I have accumulated as a result of two children, and toning up my non-existing butt.. that I used to have!

I feel so blessed to have two healthy children!


  1. I'm glad that this time was easier on you! You sure have 2 beautiful kiddos!

  2. So happy you are recovered well, and you feel great, it shows!! You look amazing and you are an incredible mommy to your kiddos xoxo


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