A tangent & 8 week update

So, I really really really did NOT want to post this photo. I know it's silly but I just fell/look so huge {already}. However, a wise woman once said "take pictures! every week! even if you feel like a giant cow you will look back and be glad you did :)" Thanks Erin, because of you I have the courage to show off my huge bloaty belly! Anyone not wanting to hear too much information stop reading here and skip to the rest of the post!

Anyone know of a healthy way to get one's bowels moving again? I have not had a bowel movement in more than a week. My stomach is so distended and it's becoming incredibly uncomfortable.

I was one of those girls who always loved looking at women's maternity photos thinking, 'wow, they look so adorable, how could they think they look like a cow? I will never think that about myself when the time comes.' Well the time has {kind of} come when I'm looking into the mirror prior to my real baby bump wondering if I'm just heavier than I ever saw myself.
I mean, it's no secret that I'm on the heavier side, but I'm feeling pretty self conscience these days. Perhaps it's because I cannot go by a mirror without turning to the side and rub my belly, thus making me more critical of how I look? I don't know. Please tell me this is normal. Actually, don't lie to me. Be honest!

Tangent over. Thanks for listening... or reading, rather.

On the brighter side, Matt has been super wonderful lately, offering me kind and sincere compliments. He's such a great husband. I cannot wait to see him as a father.

how far along? 8 weeks
baby’s size: about the size of a kidney bean
weight gain: not sure, I don’t have a scale.
maternity clothes? When my bloat is a little more pronounced and my work pants don’t do the job.
stretch marks? Nope, too early
sleep? Ehh not too bad. Could def. be worse!
best moment this week? Getting some medicine to help with the all day morning sickness.
food cravings: None this week.
gender: Too early. But I think it's going to be a girl. Just a feeling.
belly button in or out? In
movement? Too early.
what I miss? Nothing. Well, maybe having healthy and regular bowel movements.
what I'm looking forward to: seeing my baby’s heartbeat for the 2nd time on the 21st at my 10 week appointment. Grow baby grow!
weekly wisdom: I felt awful for taking medicine at first, but now that I’m feeling better and am actually able to eat, I don’t feel so bad. I realize that my midwife wouldn’t give me anything that would put my baby at risk- if your sick and not feeling well, talk to your Dr!

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