15 week update

how far along? 15 weeks
baby’s size: about the size of an apple… a Red Delicious ☺
weight gain: Still in the negative for the pregnancy
maternity clothes? Yeah. They’re much too comfortable to not wear ☺
stretch marks? No.
sleep? Wonderful.
best moment this week? Ordering the glider for the nursery. Thanks again grandma toni and papa bob ☺
food cravings: blueberry yogurt and white cheddar popcorn. Strange combo, I know.
gender: Anatomy scan slated for April 24th. Keep your fingers crossed he/she will be cooperative!
belly button in or out? In
movement? Still a little early. Cannot wait though!
what I miss? nada.
what I'm looking forward to: Finding out the babies sex.
weekly wisdom: Drawing a blank.

In other baby-related news.

We ordered the glider. I am so excited about it. I originally saw it on Pinterest and thought it was the most beautiful glider ever. Well, it's officially being made and will be on it's way to my house in about 5 weeks or so.

I got it in the 'Valetti Ivory' fabric. It's actually made of microfiber, which I read is super easy to clean, which made me more confident in ordering such a light color, oh and the fact that it's gender-neutral was a huge deciding factor too.

We also nailed down the crib for the babe. This will be a gift from my parents. I cannot wait to get it and put it in the nursery.

I purchased a 'baby on board' sign for my car today. I always love seeing them and I was on the prowl for something baby related today while I was grocery shopping at Walmart. This was the only thing I could bring myself to buy.

I did, however, score a super sweet picture frame at Hallmark (for the nursery). It was originally $17. I had a 40% off coupon, $2 rewards cash, and an additional 20% for my birthday, making my grand total $6.64. I absolutely love getting a good deal!

Well folks that's all I have for the moment. Have a great Sunday!

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