Nursery Update

As I posted before, we finished the first phase of the nursery. Matt really wanted everyone to see it in person before I posted the photos online. I'm not sure when my family will make it up to our house to see it, and since Matt's family was here last weekend and already saw it, I'm going to share the photos now!

Here we go!

baby's beautiful window. It lets in the best morning light.

door to the closet {still under construction, kind of}.

Matt cleaning the hardwood floors.

other wall. exciting stuff... huh??

decorative outlet covers. Matt picked them out :)

Matt also chose this. He certainly put his designer pants on for this nursery!

It's amazing how different the color of the looks in each photo! I would say that the walls in the photo of the closet door is the truest to the actual color.

It's such a far cry from where we began (photos here).

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  1. The nursery looks fantastic! Such an amazing transformation! :) I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. It looks great! I love the color and the wood floors are gorgeous :)


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