34 weeks

how far along? 34 weeks! oMG! roughly 6 more to go.
Claire’s size: almost 5 pounds, the size of a cantaloupe & 18 inches long           
weight gain: not sure. we’ll find out on Friday
maternity clothes? Of course!  
stretch marks? let’s not talk about that. mmm kay, thanks!
sleep? Miserable.
best moment this week? Pretty much finishing the nursery, the dresser is being made and should be arriving around labor day!
food cravings: cherry coke? weird, I know.
gender: Girl!
belly button in or out? not out yet, but something goofy is def. going on!
movement? yes. very, very strong movements.
what I miss?  Sleep.
what I'm looking forward to: Meeting Claire in a few short weeks.

I am completely at peace when I think forward labor. Complete peace. I'm not nervous or anxious. I'm actually excited about it. You're probably thinking I'm nuts and not thinking properly, but I promise, I am thinking clearly.  Between the braxton hicks contractions, the cramps, and the awful kidney stone experience, I think God has more than prepared me for labor. If not, we'll have to wait and see what happens. I did make 2 labor playlists- one fast and one slow. The 'fast' playlist is compliled of lots of hip hop, pop, and some rock. The 'slow' playlist has a lot of church hymns, some christian artists, and classical music. I dont know what I will want to listen to, but I figured I would be prepared. 

I packed our bags this past week. I'll share what I'm taking with me but that will come a little later. I have a strange feeling she's going to come sooner rather than later, but we'll just have to wait and see :) Her car seat base is already installed in my car, I'm placing my order for the stroller this week (thanks gramma and grampa henretta), and Sophie the giraffe is being lovingly gifted by my gracious aunt annie! hooray for a sophie teether!!!

My mom stayed with us and it was wonderful. She helped us tremendously from morning until night. She also helped my fix up the nursery, and even helped find and purchase some pretty awesome antique furniture pieces for her nursery. Thanks a million for everything you did mom. You're the best! 

I cannot wait to share her room with you! It's everything I could have dreamed of. Seriously, I love it :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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  1. You look amazing :) can't wait to see Claire's nursery!! Nursery reveals are my absolute favorite :)

    1. Thanks Jenna. It's hard to take these photos anymore because I'm feeling more like a heifer with each passing day. Not to mention the fact that I never get myself out of comfy clothes and never bother doing anything with my hair (besides wash it). Nursery reveals are my favorite too!

  2. You look incredible! I can't believe you're already 34 weeks along! Getting so close to meeting sweet Claire!

    1. I know, I know. This is certainly flying by. Thank God!


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